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conserving rocky mountain greater sandhill cranes + their habitat through science + education

The Greater Sandhill Crane is an iconic species of the Yampa Valley in Northwest Colorado. Returning in the spring from wintering grounds in New Mexico and Arizona, cranes nest and raise their young in wetland areas throughout the valley.


The Yampa Valley Crane Festival Poster Contest runs from now to July 12th and is open to youth, ages 10 – 15. Click here for details.

May is a great time to photograph the cranes as they emerge from their nests with their newly hatched chicks. Our Crane Photo Contest is open to both amateur and professional photographers. This year we have added a new video category. Prizes will be awarded at the 2024 Yampa Valley Crane Festival (Aug. 29 – Sept. 1). Rules and complete contest information here.

The 4th season of the Crane Nest Camera has concluded!



The 13th annual festival will take place Aug 29-Sept 1, 2024.

Our appreciation for the crane grows with the slow unraveling of earthly history. His tribe, we now know, stems out of the remote Eocene. The other members of the fauna in which he originated are long since entombed within the hills. When we hear his call we hear no mere bird. We hear the trumpet in the orchestra of evolution. He is the symbol of our untamable past, of that incredible sweep of millennia which underlies and conditions the daily affairs of birds and men.

– Aldo Leopold,Sand County Almanac